​We offer the Batterers Intervention Program at our Woodward, Oklahoma location. This is a 52 week education group for men located in our area. Most of the people in the Batterers Intervention Program are court ordered, DHS ordered, or suggested to attend by their attorney. We also except anyone that voluntarily wants to come in for this service. The cost for the Batterers Intervention Program is a one time $175 assessment and Domestic Violence Inventory fee, then $25 a week for the remaining 52 weeks. 

  • UTILITY and RENTAL ASSISTANCE (This service is Income Based)​

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24 Hour Crisis Hotline: 1-888-256-1215


​We offer advocacy at the Northwest Domestic Crisis Services to any victim of domestic abuse or sexual assault. We help you by providing support when 

The 52 week course is aimed at helping abusive men overcome their past and learn the tools and skills to keep themselves and their victims safe.  Although we do not offer a women’s group at this time 

due to being in a rural location if you are court ordered please give us a call and we will help you find the closest program to you. 

Call our Crisis Line at 888-256-1215 for more information

...all individuals have the right to live without fear of violence or coercion

At NWDCS Inc. all individuals have a right to receive services suited to his/her/their needs without regard to his/her/their race, religion, gender/gender identity, ethnic origin, age, disability, handicapping condition, and/or sexual orientation.

Working through the trauma. Counseling services are available to all of the clients served by the Northwest Domestic Crisis Services. This is an extremely difficult time in your life and if you need someone to help you work through that trauma we are here for you. We offer counseling from our Woodward Oklahoma location, but can assist anyone in our area. We offer counseling services to help with the trauma of being a domestic assault victim, a sexual assault victim, or even a family member that has experienced trauma from witnessing these situations. If you are needing a specific counseling approach or specialized counseling that we do not offer, give us a call and we will refer you to the place that can help you. We want to make sure the people in our community have the help they need.


dealing with other agencies. We will accompany you to court, attend DHS meetings, work with the local school system, with your employer, and any other entity that we can help you with. Normally when in a domestic violence or sexual assault situation you feel helpless and alone, we are here to help you understand that you do have support and you are cared about. In addition to offering advocacy we provide domestic violence education classes, non offending parenting classes, and peer support services. ​


​Northwest Domestic Crisis Services wants to make sure you and your family are safe. We provide a variety of services to ensure your safety. We make sure all of our services are confidential. We have different programs such as our emergency shelter, non-residential counseling services, Domestic Violence education and advocacy. Services are available in different languages including a 24 hour hotline, and safety planning to help you with any concerns or needs. If you need any information on how to safety leave your situation please call us.​

Working through the trauma