Learn About the Many Ways You Can Help

Who Can Volunteer?

24 Hour Crisis Hotline: 1-888-256-1215

What Types of Volunteer Services Are Available?

At the Northwest Domestic Crisis Services being a volunteer means coming in with an open mind and an open heart. We are here to help people, to genuinely show individuals and family that even when they are experiencing some of the worst moments in their life that things will get better. We expect all volunteers to have a positive attitude, respect confidentiality and be highly ethical. Our volunteers come eager to learn and ready to serve. For all volunteers there are specific quick training about the agency in general that can be easily covered. Should anyone wish to provide volunteer assistance working directly with clients there is a 40 hour training required. This training can occur "on the job" with a staff members while you learn more about the dynamics of domestic and sexual violence. 


...all individuals have the right to live without fear of violence or coercion


What Does It Take To Be A Volunteer?

What's The Need?

Here at the Northwest Domestic Crisis Services we believe in giving back to the community. We accept any and all volunteers. We have had high school students, college students, organizations, and people in the community that want to give back. Volunteering can be a great opportunity to learn about our agency and how we help the community you live in. 

We need volunteers whenever we can get them. We are a busy agency that serves a large population. We always have things going on to help clients and the community and we appreciate anyone that wants to help us with our mission. Volunteering can be as often as you wish to be involved depending upon your own lifestyle. For some this might be an hour a week, for others it may be more.

We offer volunteers a variety of services from helping us with the office, for community events, working on projects. Volunteering gives you an idea of why we do what we do and how you can help. We have several people, organizations, and students who enjoy learning about our services and helping with their community with activities such as sponsoring birthday parties for the children in shelter.  For more specific types of volunteering that have direct client contact there are requirements for additional training. These types of volunteering include transportation, helping in the shelters with answering the crisis line, and even assisting with advocacy on behalf of clients.